About Us

Mission: Wildlife Society of Nigeria WISON is to promote proper conservation and management of Nigeria wildlife resources for the general good of the present and future generations.

Vision: Wildlife Society of Nigeria WISON is to be the umbrella body of wildlife experts, practitioners and stakeholders, providing direction for the management of Nigeria wildlife resources, ensuring best practices and compliance with principles of sustainable development for present and future generations.

For the realisation of the mission and vision of the Society, the Society’s objectives are to:

  • Be an umbrella Society of wildlife professionals and other stakeholders with interest in wildlife management in Nigeria
  • Influence and guide government policies towards rapid conservation development and rational utilisation of wildlife resources
  • Contribute towards the achievement of the broad national objectives of wildlife conservation vis-à-vis protecting our national heritages, utilisation for food, medicine, tourism and recreation, etc in Nigeria by securing general recognition of the dependence of rational utilisation of wildlife products through promotion of the development and sustainable utilisation of wildlife resources in Nigeria
  • Create and promote sustainable public enlightenment campaign on the role of protected areas in the maintenance of stable environment
  • Aid government initiatives in setting up conservation related institutions and activities and seeking fund for same
  • Urge the promulgation and implementation of wildlife legislation and encourage government to honour international treaties, agreements and conventions