About the Journal

Nigerian Journal of Wildlife Management (NJWM) is set forth to expand the understanding of issues regarding sustainable management of wildlife resources in Nigeria and globally. It covers all areas of wildlife management and the wildlife resources sustainability. Cross-cutting issues relating to wildlife management and their sustainability are also accepted. Contributions are welcome from all parts of the world.


Aims and Scope

Nigerian Journal of Wildlife Management (NJWM) aims to publish original research of relevance and interest to all areas of wildlife management and conservation, including ecology, population analysis, biodiversity conservation, feeding ecology, vertebrate ecology, ecology of freshwater and marine species, behavioural ecology, habitat management, wildlife biology, wildlife pathology, avian conservation and biology, wildlife production, domestication and ranching, protected area management, park and environmental interpretation, wetland ecosystem management, wildlife economics and extension, ecotourism and nature based tourism, and other aspects of human dimensions of wildlife management, and wildlife related natural resources management articles.