Advancing Wildlife Conservation in Nigeria Through Unity and Cooperation

The Wildlife Society of Nigeria (WISON) stands proudly as a beacon of conservation and a collective voice for the protection and sustainable management of Nigeria’s diverse wildlife and natural resources. As a premier professional organization dedicated to advancing wildlife science and promoting conservation efforts, WISON brings together passionate individuals from various disciplines to work collaboratively towards safeguarding the nation’s precious biodiversity.

What We Do

The Nigerian Journal of Wildlife Management

The Nigerian Journal of Wildlife Management (NJWM) stands as a distinguished and authoritative platform for the dissemination of research and knowledge in the field of wildlife management in Nigeria. As a country with rich and diverse ecosystems, Nigeria’s wildlife plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and supporting human livelihoods. Therefore, the NJWM serves as a vital resource for scientists, conservationists, policymakers, and stakeholders committed to the sustainable management of the nation’s wildlife.

Nigeria Journal of Wildlife Management

Our Service


  • Non-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation in Nigeria
  • Fosters unity and cooperation among members
  • Drives information network to advance knowledge and practice of wildlife conservation
  • Provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss and harness suggestions
  • Offers practical solutions to challenges in wildlife management profession


  • Access to a network of professionals in the field of wildlife conservation
  • Opportunities for collaboration and cooperation with like-minded individuals
  • A platform for exchanging ideas and discussing challenges in wildlife management
  • Access to the latest information and research in the field of wildlife conservation
  • Practical solutions and suggestions for addressing the challenges faced in wildlife management profession

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