National Officers (2017-2021)

Wildlife Society of Nigeria (WISON) National Officers (2017-2021)

President                                                         :           Prof. I.A. Ayodele

1st Vice President                                            :           Prof. P.O. Egwumah                          

2nd Vice President                                           :           Dr. A.A. Nchor

National Secretary                                          :           Prof. O.A. Jayeola

Assistant Secretary                                         :           Mr. N. Lawan

Financial Secretary                                          :           Prof. H.M. Ijeomah                            

Treasurer                                                         :           Dr. (Mrs) O.O. Oyeleke

Publicity Secretary                                          :           Mr. A.C. Lumbonyi

Editor-in-Chief                                               :           Dr. A.A. Ogunjinmi

Assistant Editor                                              :           Prof. D.I. Edet

Business Manager                                           :           Prof. E.A. Eniang

Zonal Coordinator, Northwest                       :           Mr. A.I. Yusuf

Zonal Coordinator, Northeast                         :           Mr. J.O. Eveso

Zonal Coordinator, Northcentral                    :           Dr. B.T. Tyowua

Zonal Coordinator, Southeast                         :           Mr. A.M. Yakubu

Zonal Coordinator, Southwest                       :           Dr. A.A. Adewumi

Zonal Coordinator, Southsouth                      :           Prof A.U. Ogogo

Ex-Officio I                                                    :           Dr. V.A. Ojo

Ex-Officio II                                                   :           Dr. (Mrs) S.O. Ebiloma

Conservation of Wondering Elephant In Saki

As part of efforts to ensure the safety and conservation of the wandering elephant reportedly found around farms in Saki, Oyo State, a team from Wildlife Society of Nigeria (WISON) more